There’s only one way to beat declining FiTs

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Solar-powered homes are making electricity cheaper for all of us, whether you have solar or not. Currently there are 2 million solar homes in Australia and when they’re all feeding electricity into the grid during the day, supply is high and demand is low

This means the value of electricity at that time is relatively low, and for people who are buying electricity that’s great news. However it’s not so good for those people who are feeding (or selling) electricity back into the grid – the solar households!

Feed-in tariffs might seem low now, but over time they’re going to get even lower with over 4 million homes projected to have solar panels by 2030. As more households put solar panels on their roofs, more electricity will be fed into the grid in the middle of the day and this will continue to drive down the value of electricity at this time. 

So in 2030, the value of solar power might be so low that the feed-in tariff does not exist anymore. 

While the Victorian Government has just put up the regulated FiT from 9.9c to 12c to keep the price artificially high, there are already three power companies in NSW that don’t offer a feed-in tariff at all. Other governments will have to follow Victoria’s lead to keep the FiT, otherwise more and more companies will go the way of these three in NSW.

The solution to get around all of this? Use more solar power at home – it’s the best way to get the most from your solar system.

This is easy if you’re at home during the day and if you’re not, you can use timers to set your appliances to run during the day when your solar system is producing electricity. But what about at night? 

The best way to maximise your home’s use of solar power is to invest in a solar battery. With a battery, we estimate you can increase the amount of solar energy you’re using at home from around 25% to over 80%. 


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