Powering through blackouts: Ian’s solar battery story

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Ian Walker talking about his DC Sunny Saver battery package

For Ian Walker, the choice between a diesel generator and a solar battery was a no brainer. 

Living in regional Victoria, Ian noticed the increasing number of blackouts in his area because of the hot summers.

“I’m going overseas in February and that’s usually the hottest time of the year,” he says. “A lot of people are losing frozen food in their freezers. That’s why I wanted a backup system.”


Protect yourself from blackouts

For people like Ian, it’s important to know that not all batteries come with blackout protection. 

Our Sungrow Battery Package is our high-quality, affordable solar battery offer that comes with blackout protection included at no extra cost. 

Compatible with any existing solar system, you can set a ‘reserve capacity’ to make sure there’s always some energy reserved in your battery in case of a power outage. And with great warranties you can be confident you’ll be protected for the long run. 

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Don’t have solar panels yet? Our solar and battery package is designed for people adding solar and a battery at the same time. It combines world leading solar panels, an Australian-designed battery system and local, experienced installers. Find out more here. 

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