How to get a zero dollar electricity bill with a standard feed-in tariff

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House with a solar battery

It’s the solar dream: getting a zero dollar electricity bill.

If you’re on a premium feed-in tariff, it’s likely you’re already well on your way to achieving this.

If you’re on a standard feed-in tariff, it can be a bit harder to reach a zero dollar electricity bill. So we’ve put together a guide to never having to pay for power again with a standard feed-in tariff.


Infographic: How to get to $0 bills with solar


  1. Have the right sized solar system for your household
  2. Have a well-insulated, energy efficient house
  3. Install smart appliances
  4. Consume your solar energy rather than exporting it (if you have a premium feed-in tariff, you should do the opposite. Find out more here.)
  5. Get a solar battery
  6. Use grid power in off-peak periods


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