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When you’re looking at investing in a solar battery, performance is critical. But how can you know whether manufacturing claims, or even retailer claims, are accurate? That’s when independent testing is important.

The Australian Lithium Ion Battery Test Centre compares various lithium-ion battery chemistries and products available in the Australian market. They are testing them, over three years, under Australian conditions. The outcome is that consumers get independent and unbiased information on battery performance.

The testing involves cycling each battery three times each day so that over the three year trial period the performance of each battery would be expected to “degrade” like a 9 year old battery would at an average home.

The testing commenced in June 2016, with a second phase in June 2017 adding more batteries to the trial.

Testing includes:

  • Battery performance in a range of high and low temperatures
  • Reliability
  • Changes to battery storage capacity over time
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Comparison of battery performance against manufacturers’ claims


Performance of Samsung SDI – the battery cells in the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package

The battery, inverter and blackout protection in the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package are Sungrow products, with the battery cells inside the Sungrow battery powered by Samsung SDI battery cells. These are the same type of battery cells used in the “Samsung AIO10.8” system in the Battery Test Centre report. 

In a report released in April 2020, Samsung is mentioned in the report as one of the top performers in testing. Importantly, it is one of only three batteries (out of 18) that has lasted without any replacement or major issue (alongside Sony and Pylontech). 

Excerpt from the latest Battery Test Centre’s Testing Report: 

“Eight batteries were installed initially, and a further ten installed in a second phase. This is the eighth public six-monthly report. While some battery packs have experienced faults and/or failed prematurely, the Sony, Samsung and Tesla battery packs from Phase 1 have proven reliable, alongside the Pylontech and GNB Lithium battery packs from Phase 2. For the Sony and Samsung battery packs (Phase 1), over 80% of initial capacity has been retained after over 2,000 cycles. Linear extrapolation suggests the Pylontech battery pack (Phase 2) is currently on a similar trajectory. Following replacements, the current Tesla Powerwall 2 and Redflow ZCell (Phase 2) are also demonstrating excellent capacity retention. Round-trip efficiency is more consistent between battery packs, and has generally been observed between 85-95% for both the lead-acid and lithium-ion technologies.”

You can read the full report from the Battery Test Centre here.


Proven performance, affordable price tag

The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package uses a Sungrow 4.8kWh battery, made of proven Samsung battery cells, and a Sungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter.

Starting at just $6750 plus installation, our powerful yet affordable battery package that comes with great warranties and blackout protection included at no extra cost.

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