How much does it cost to get a solar battery installed?

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How much does battery installation cost infographic

Thinking about a solar battery but not sure how much the installation will cost?

As a rough estimate, the cost of battery installation is usually around $2000-$3500, however with the DC Sunny Saver battery package you can get installation from just $1595.

Installation varies from household to household depending on a number of factors, including:

    • Variation in installation and sales prices think of this like you would a builder doing a renovation – each varies in quality and price. With the DC Sunny Saver, it’s like you’re buying a flatpack kitchen and getting someone in to install it for you, rather than getting a bespoke kitchen designed from scratch.  
    • The building material of your home – brick tends to be cheaper whereas if you’ve got a weatherboard home, your installer will have to install a fire-protected backing on which to place your battery. This is in line with strict Australian safety standards and will cost a bit extra.
    • The type of battery – the type of battery you get will affect the type of cabling and hardware that’s used, including the type of DC-breakers needed and the thickness of the cabling. Different batteries also come with different manufacturer requirements, all of which impact the final cost.
    • How far your battery is installed from your switchboard – the further your battery is from your switchboard, the more cabling your installer will have to use and build in to connect your battery.
    • Switchboard upgrades – older homes may need switchboard upgrades to fit a battery.
    • Safety inspections – some states require an electrical safety inspector to visit the property and assess the installation. This usually costs a couple of hundred dollars on top of the install cost.


Battery installation from just $1595

At DC Power Co, we’ve teamed up with experienced installers, Service Stream, so you can get the DC Sunny Saver battery package fully installed from just under $7500.

We want our customers to have a choice over who installs their solar battery, but we also know convenience is key. So with the DC Sunny Saver you can go with Service Stream or choose your own local installer, depending on what’s right for you.

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