How many solar panels do I need?

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As a general rule, a typical small household (1-2 people) needs a 2kW solar system (or ~8 solar panels), a medium household (2-3 people) needs a 4kW solar system (~14 solar panels) and a large household (4+ people) needs a 5kW+ solar system (that’s ~24+ solar panels).

In general, it never hurts to fill your roof with as many solar panels as you can fit. Of course it’s not always as simple as that though. The number of solar panels you need will depend on how much electricity you use in your home, your house’s roof space and your budget. 


Electricity consumption

It’s important to get a solar system that will generate at least as much electricity as you consume. The more electricity you use at home, the bigger your solar system should be. 

Bear in mind that not only will you use your solar electricity at home but there will be times when you’re not using all of the electricity being generated by your system. In that case, some of that solar power will also be exported to the grid, so you’ll probably need to get a solar system that will generate more electricity than you consume.

The bigger your solar system, the more value you’re likely to get back from it. So if in doubt, we recommend going larger rather than smaller – if there’s room for it in your budget and on your roof!


Roof space

Consider how much unshaded space you have on your roof – solar panels in the shade won’t produce any electricity! And remember, while north facing solar panels will always generate the most power, panels facing east and west can still generate plenty of electricity particularly in the morning and afternoon.



The more panels you get, the more you’ll pay. So try and stay within your budget, without sacrificing quality. 


Are you ready to get solar panels and/or a battery?

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