How long will a 4.8kWh battery last in a blackout?

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Infographic: how long will a 4.8kWh battery last in a blackout

If the power goes out, because of extreme heat, fire or wild weather, there’s not usually much you can do about it. But if you’ve got a solar battery, you could keep the internet connected, the lights on and the fridge running thanks to blackout protection. 

Determining how long your battery will last in a blackout comes down to understanding a few factors:

  • The size of your battery – how much electricity can it store?
  • Do you have ‘whole of house’ or ‘emergency’ blackout protection? – Whole of house keeps the electricity flowing to the whole house, while emergency power supply keeps the electricity on to some (not all) electrical circuits in your home
  • How many and what appliances are running during the blackout?
  • The size and energy efficiency of those appliances
  • How much energy you’ve got left in your battery when the blackout hits

Assuming your battery was fully charged when a blackout hit, we’ve pulled together some likely scenarios. With a 4.8kWh battery system, you could power the TV, the fridge and freezer and your kitchen and living room lights for around 10 hours*.

Infographic: how long will a 4.8kWh battery last in a blackout


Blackout protection included at no extra cost 

If you’re getting a solar battery for security in a blackout, it’s important to be aware that not all batteries come with this feature. 

Our Sungrow Battery Package is high-quality, affordable and comes with blackout protection included at no extra cost. 

Compatible with any existing solar system, you can set a ‘reserve capacity’ to make sure there’s always some energy reserved in your battery in case of a power outage, and at times of crisis you can set it to store 100% of the energy for an emergency. 

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*Assuming a 4 star, 50” TV, 2-2.5 star ~450-500L fridge/freezer, 10 LED lights

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