How long does it take to get solar panels installed?

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Infographic: How long does it take to install solar panels?

Solar panel installations usually take a day, however they can take a bit longer depending on the size and complexity of the solar system you’re getting. 

For example if you’re getting a battery installed as well, your installation might take place over two days. 

This assumes your solar panels will be grid-connected. Off-grid solar systems usually take longer to install than grid-connected systems as they’re larger and more complex. 

Of course, factors such as bad weather or additional electrical upgrade requirements can push these timeframes out a bit, however your installer will indicate exactly how long they expect your installation to take prior to the day. 

Remember though, this doesn’t mean your solar panels will be up and running within a day of getting a quote from an installer. The complete process from quote to installation can take a few weeks due to approval processes your installer must carry out with the electricity network. 

Installer demand can also push out wait times, particularly around summer when solar becomes front of mind for many Australians.  


Beat the summer solar rush

If you’re thinking about getting solar panels, you should also be thinking about solar batteries. 

Nobody tells you that with just solar panels, an average home sells around three quarters of their solar power back to the grid for as little as a third of the price they pay for electricity. With a battery, that same home can save up to 80% on their energy bill by using their stored solar power later in the day. 

Plus, getting a battery at the same time as your solar panels is the most cost-effective time to do so. You’ll cut out extra installation costs and combine the two components’ payback into one, shorter payback period. 


Our solar and battery system can pay for itself in 7 years*

Designed specifically for households adding solar panels and a battery at the same time, our solar and battery package brings world-leading, tier 1 solar panels together with an Australian-designed battery solution in one streamlined, cost-effective package. 

The package comes in a range of sizes depending on your energy needs, household set-up and budget. Plus there are financing options available so you can start saving with your solar and battery system now, and pay it off over time. 


View the solar and battery package


If you already have solar, but want to add a battery, check out our solar battery package.



*This scenario is the 6.6kW system and a mid sized battery (7kWh). Assuming typical generation in Victoria and assuming battery gets cycled 90% of the time at 90% depth, solar savings are estimated at $1,734 ($0.20 average value of the solar generated, which could be 10c FiT and 30c usage rate at 50/50% as an example). Battery savings would be an additional $440 per annum, for total savings of $2,174.

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