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How does blackout protection work?

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Infographic: How does blackout protection work?

Have you ever wondered how a solar battery works when the power goes out? It’s called blackout protection and it is a really valuable feature. So if you’ve got a battery, what can you expect when the grid goes down? 


Not all batteries have blackout protection

The first thing to note is that not all solar batteries come with blackout protection, so make sure you know what you’re getting. 

For those that do, there are two main kinds of blackout protection: whole-of-house and emergency power supply or, as ours is called, an Emergency Blackout Box. 


There are two types of blackout protection

Whole-of-house blackout protection keeps the power flowing to your entire home while emergency systems keep the electricity on to some (not all) electrical circuits in your home. Exactly how many depends on the battery system you’ve got and the amount of energy used by the appliances on those circuits. 

In the case of an emergency system, you’ll choose the circuits or appliances you’d like to keep on during a blackout when your battery system is being installed. You may have to be flexible to account for any restrictions, but generally can choose the circuits you want. 


What happens when the power goes out?

Blackout protection is automatic. If the grid goes down, your blackout protection will kick in and restore the power to your home whether you’re there or not. It will take anywhere from 20 milliseconds to 5 seconds. This means you can stay connected and keep your fridge running.


How do I make sure there’s enough power in my battery for a blackout?

Most battery systems have a ‘reserve capacity’ setting, so you can choose how much power you’d like to keep in your battery at all times in case of a blackout. 


Hazel’s story: the only house with the lights on


Security in a blackout, at no extra cost

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