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How can the DC Power Co app help me reduce my power bill?

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When it comes to lowering our electricity bills, knowledge is power. The best way to ensure our bills come down is to use electricity more efficiently, and the first step is understanding how we use it in our homes.

What time of day are you using the most power? Is there a period when you’re using more than you realised? These are the kind of insights the DC Power Co app offers customers with smart meters.

Let’s take a look at how the app can help both solar and non-solar households better understand their power usage.


First, let’s catch up with the Bright family.

The Brights have solar on their roof and know, generally, that their system should be producing power during the day. But is there much of a difference in solar generation between summer and winter? And what difference does a cloudy day make to the amount of power produced by their system?

With the DC Power Co app’s solar tab, the Brights can see just how much energy their system is feeding into the grid and at what time of day. They can see that at this time of year, their solar is feeding in power from roughly 8am to 5pm, so that’s when they should be using more power at home.

They run the washing machine at midday and leave the air-conditioner on while the sun’s up, so when they get home their house is cool and they’re using less energy at peak times. By knowing their exports, they can plan their power use more effectively.


Meet the Smiths, who live next door and don’t have solar.

The graph in the daily usage tab of the DC Power Co app shows a typical day in the Smith home. From this information, the Smiths can see that they use most of their power in the morning and evening, which coincides with peak power prices.

By looking at this information, they realise that they could bring down their power bills by altering their usage habits and using more power during the day when electricity is cheaper.


In the coming weeks and months, the Brights and Smiths can use the DC Power Co app’s bill forecasting feature to see how their new power usage habits are affecting their bills. Here they can see how much their power bill this month is likely to be, and how much it’s likely to be in coming months. This is where they hope to see a difference on their bill.

DC Power Co customers can get these kinds of insights from the DC Power Co app too if they’ve got a smart meter. If not, the insights available might be more limited, depending on the kind of meter.

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