Your questions answered: changes to your rates

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Why have underlying electricity costs increased?

There are lots of factors that have caused underlying electricity costs to increase, including generator outages, extended periods of peak demand due to extreme weather events and networks charges increasing. Because of this, distribution costs and wholesale electricity prices have gone up.


Why have my rates changed?

It takes a lot to get energy to you. Our rates have changed to reflect the changes across the energy system – including the price of wholesale energy, distribution costs and other costs for electricity.

The Victorian regulatory body, the Essential Services Commission, announced that it is increasing the Victorian Default Offer by 7.8% on average from 1 January 2020 which is a reflection of the increase in the costs of supplying energy.


What’s DC Power Co doing to help keep my rates affordable?

We made the decision to cut our revenue to decrease your electricity daily supply charge. This is to help reduce the impact of system-wide cost increases on your bills.

We hope our efforts to reduce the impact of these cost increases provide some assistance in managing your bills next year.


What services do you offer?

Our suite of services designed for solar homes can help you maximise your solar savings. If you don’t know already, we offer:

  • personalised insights including our DC Brief and soon to launch DC Pro
  • Solar Alert so you can have confidence your solar system is always making you money
  • industry leading app to help you monitor your energy use and solar exports
  • support to help you get a solar system or solar upgrade. Get a quote today

In addition to these services, we have just launched the DC Sunny Saver battery package for just $5850 (excluding installation). The DC Sunny Saver includes over $7800 worth of value. Find out more about the quality products and extended warranty included within the DC Sunny Saver.


Why should I stay with DC Power Co?

We launched our electricity offer just over one year ago and we love that you made the switch to DC Power Co as one of our first customers. We’re taking on a big challenge – building a business in a highly regulated, complex market – and we really appreciate your support.

Our goal is to make your solar work harder for you, or to help you get it if you haven’t already. We’re dedicated to solar households and customers who want more transparency over their energy usage, and this is our unique and unwavering promise to you. It’s why we offer our customers a suite of services designed for solar households.

Each customer we bring on board helps us improve our services and rates, and as one of our first we hope you’ll continue this journey with us.

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