Why should I use more solar energy at home?

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The harsh reality is energy prices have been on the rise and solar feed-in tariffs are likely to drop over the next few years. This is expected to be across the energy industry, no matter which power company you’re with. 

This means the best way to save with solar panels (if you have a standard feed-in tariff) is to use as much solar energy at home as possible and export less. If you’re doing the opposite – exporting your solar power during the day for a low price and having to buy electricity from the grid later for a higher cost – you’ll be losing out. 

We estimate that many solar households are generally only using around 25% of the electricity produced by their solar system (you can see how much you’re consuming in your DC Pro.)

By shifting the use of your appliances to the middle of the day when your solar system is generating electricity, you could boost the amount of solar energy you’re using. 


You could take the next step and add a solar battery

Adding a solar battery allows you to go one better. A battery can boost the amount of solar energy an average solar home is using to as high as 80% or more. Find out more about what batteries can do for you here.

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