Why do I have to add credit card or direct debit details when I join?

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To ensure we can automatically top up your account if you forget, we need to set up a preferred default payment method of either a credit, debit card or bank account details.

Direct Debit

By entering your bank account details you give us permission to take money out of your account to pay for your power. In addition, to ensure that we have the correct bank account details, we have a direct debit confirmation process that works in three steps:

  • We deduct $1 by direct debit from your allocated bank account and include a five-character confirmation code in the reference field. This is to test that we have the right account number for you.
  • We credit the $1 to your DC Power Co account for future use, and email you with a link to confirm your direct debit.
  • To set up your direct debit check your bank statement, find the five-character code, click on the link in the email and enter the code to confirm we can activate your direct debit.

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