Why are you selling gas?

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We’ve made the decision to provide gas in Victoria, for three reasons:

  • Gas is a fact of life for about 80% of Victorians, and we know that Victorians want a better gas company. It’s simply unrealistic for many Australians to avoid using gas at home (they either rent or would find it cost prohibitive to retrofit their homes to operate without gas – that may cost a homeowner up to $20,000 depending on their home). With gas not going away in the near future, we’ve decided to provide it as we believe we’re capable of doing it in a fairer, more transparent way. In parallel, we’ll also be helping to provide education to help households move away from gas if possible.
  • To be honest, gas will help us grow our business because many customers are telling us they want gas and electricity with the same power company. After all, the more we grow the more our shares are worth for the thousands of Australians who invested in DC Power Co during our crowdfunding campaign. So the choice is, not provide gas and grow relatively slowly, or offer gas and grow much faster. We care about our customers, many of whom are also shareholders, so we’re going with the latter.
  • Finally, in order for us to drive change in the industry, we need size and customers. By offering gas and growing our business more quickly, we’ll be better placed to drive the change toward renewables moving forward.

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