Who supplies energy on behalf of DC Power Co?

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When we launched our business in 2018, we decided that the best way to focus on providing a great service for solar home owners was to get an established and trusted partner with good renewable credentials to take care of the sale and supply of energy to customers on behalf of DC Power Co.

Many organizations use energy retailers to sell and supply energy to customers on their behalf. This is because only authorised retailers can sell and supply energy in Australia, and the process of getting and complying with those authorisations can be complex, time consuming and expensive, particularly for smaller, start-up energy companies like DC Power Co.

After extensive vetting of the market we selected Powershop as our trusted partner. So when you sign up for an energy offer designed for you by DC Power Co via our website, you will be signing up with Powershop under the ‘DC Power Co’ brand and offering.

So some of the services provided to you will be provided by DCP Company Ltd (trading as DC Power Co), but Powershop Australia Pty Ltd is the entity which actually sells you energy.

Who is Powershop?

Many of you will know of Powershop. They have been providing energy to customers in Australia for many years. Powershop’s parent company, Meridian Energy is Australasia’s largest 100% renewable energy generator.

Meridian Energy operates a large fleet of renewable generation assets in Australia including Mt Millar Wind Farm in SA, Mt Mercer Wind Farm in Victoria, and the Hume, Burrinjuck and Keepit Hydro stations in NSW.

So what does DC Power Co do?

Aside from working out the types of energy offers that provide great value for solar households (which are then provided by Powershop) and working with Powershop to ensure customers get a great experience, DC Power Co delivers unique services for solar home owners to ensure they get a better deal, such as our Solar Alert SMS, our weekly DC Brief full of insights on your solar usage, our online Solar Marketplace to buy solar systems and batteries, and community building and advocacy on behalf of solar owners.

Over time, DC Power Co may decide to go through the extensive process to be granted an authorisation to allow us to sell and supply energy directly to you. However, for now we’re focused on providing our customers with a fantastic service for solar households.

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