What makes up my power price?

Posted in Prices and rates

It takes more than just us here at DC Power Co to get power to your property. There’s a whole supply chain and everyone’s responsible for doing their bit. That means the pricing in your power bill is made up of a lot of different elements.

What you’ll actually see on your bill includes:

  • Usage charges – that’s to cover the electricity you’ve used.
  • Daily supply charge – this is a distribution charge that covers the maintenance of the poles and wires that gets electricity to your property.
  • DC Fee – Our capped $11 (GST inc.) monthly fee isn’t hidden in your usage rate, it’s called out on your bill. This covers all of our services, including access to cost price power for grid top-up, advice on optimising your solar system, the ability to sell excess solar back to the grid and insights to let you know when solar, or a battery or upgrade, might be right for you.
  • GST – GST is applied to your usage and daily supply charge.

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