What is a tariff?

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Your tariff is a pricing structure and reflects the way your meter is set up. The most common set-ups are “anytime” (single rate), “peak and off peak” or “controlled load” (two rate or time-of-use) and “flexible” (peak, shoulder and off peak). There’s more information on each in your price information statement.

If you’re not sure what tariff you’re on, just check your DC Power Co app – your tariff type is listed in the Rates section of the app. Alternatively, you can find your tariff on your DC Power Co bill or account review email.


Which tariff is best for me?

When you switch power companies you default to the same tariff you were on with your previous provider. We know that might not be the best option for you though and could actually lead to significantly higher electricity bills. In fact, some households could save as much as $200 per year just by being on a more suitable tariff.

That’s why, when you join DC Power Co, we’ll monitor how you use your electricity, and after around six months we’ll let you know if there is a better tariff for you.


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