What do I need to do to get my power connected at my new property?

Posted in Moving house

To ensure a smooth connection, there are a couple of things you can help us with.

If the power is currently disconnected at your property, you’ll need to ensure your main switch is in the off position for your power to be connected. If you don’t have access to the new property yet, contact your real estate agent and ask them to turn the main switch off. Don’t forget to turn the main switch back on when you move in though!

If you’re moving into a new property and the power is currently on, you don’t need to worry about turning your main switch off.

We may need access to your physical meter. This means that if your meter is inside your house or behind any locked gates, doors or cupboards, we need to know about it. If we need access to your meter and we can’t reach it, we may not be able to connect your power.

If you know your property has been disconnected for more than 12 months, please let us know. You’ll need to provide us with a certificate of electrical safety that has been signed off by a registered electrician.

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