Building our Intellectual Property

Last quarter, we expanded our DC Services for energy customers and brought them in-house. This marks a big step forward in building our IP and delivering on our goal of delivering a great service for our customers. 

So, what changed?


A new, in-house energy insights email

Our weekly insights email was previously managed by a third-party partner who processed the data and sent the email for us. We’ve now brought this email and its processes in-house.

The email itself is also changing. Now known as DC Digest (previously called DC Brief), this email contains new solar insights as well as variants on the old insights from DC Brief.


A brand new Energy Alert service

We’ve added a brand new product to our suite of services!

The Energy Alert is an email service that lets customers know if their energy usage looks higher than normal. They’ll know the day after they’ve used an unusual amount of energy, so they can either fix something if it’s broken or know what to expect come bill time.


A smarter Solar Alert

The Solar Alert is one of our staple services, designed to let customers know if their solar exports ever look unusual.

This quarter we’ve developed a more sophisticated Solar Alert that now takes into account our customers’ personal solar export history and how sunny it was at their house. So they get an extremely accurate Solar Alert that’s tailored to their personal system performance (although we hope we never have to send them one!)

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