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Will my battery catch on fire?

It’s extremely unlikely. In many respects, having a solar battery in your home presents a similar safety concern to having a computer or mobile phone in the home. 

Quality lithium-ion batteries are safe if installed and used as intended. The pouch battery cells used in your Sungrow system come from Samsung SDI, which is one of the largest battery cell manufacturers in the world.

Your battery system comes with a number of safety features within the Battery Management System (BMS) at a cell-level and battery system level.


Is it child friendly (no wires or hot spots)?

Absolutely. All cables will be installed out of reach (within gromits, protective casings, or conduits).  Of course, as with all electrical appliances, small children should not be left unsupervised around this type of equipment.


Is it noisy?

No, the battery operates quietly.


How long will it work for?

You can expect your battery to perform well for 10 – 15 years.


If I move house can I take my battery with me?

Yes, however an accredited installer will need to perform the de-installation and installation.


Is it weatherproof once installed?

Yes, both the inverter and the battery system can be installed outdoors, however it is important that they aren’t exposed to direct sunlight, rain or snow. You can view the full outdoor installation requirements here.

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