Once you’ve switched

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Who will send my bill?

You will receive your bill from Tango Energy.


Who do I contact about my energy account?

If you have questions about your bill, your meter or your rates, call Tango Energy on 1800 865 205.


Who do I contact about the DC Services?

If you have a question about your DC Digest, Solar Alert or Energy Alert, feel free to respond to the email that you received and we will get back to you. Alternatively, give us a call on (03) 9070 5453.


How long before I start receiving the DC Services?

You’ll start to receive the DC Services a few weeks after you’ve switched, provided you have filled out the survey we sent you. We need a minimum of two full weeks of your energy data so that we can understand your energy usage and provide you insights. 


Why do I need to answer a survey to get the DC Services?

DC Power Co uses the information provided in the survey to tailor our services for you and deliver accurate, personalised insights. 

For example, a bigger solar system should generate more electricity than a smaller solar system, so we need to know your solar system size to understand how your system is performing.

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