Can I get it installed by my preferred installer?

Absolutely – we provide the battery and you select the installer. With our DC Installer Guide, you’ll have all the information you need to make the right choice for you. 


Can I choose an installer to install my battery who isn’t Clean Energy Council accredited?

Clean Energy Council accreditation is a must. Don’t hire anyone without it.


Can you help with finding an installer?

Absolutely. Once you’ve scheduled the delivery of your battery, we’ll provide you an information pack with a link and instructions for how to find an accredited installer in your local area.


How much does installation cost?

The cost of installation can vary significantly between households depending on the building material of your home, how far your battery will be from your switchboard and other factors. As a rough estimate, we’ve found the cost of installation to be between $1500-$2200. Find out more about installation here.


Can I install the battery outside?

Absolutely, there are just a few requirements you’ll need to follow.  For example, the battery can’t be installed in direct sunshine and needs to be protected by an eave.


Can I install the battery myself?

No, it must be installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited battery installer. Whilst the installation is relatively simple compared to other batteries, it still needs to be installed by an electrician.


Can it be wall mounted?

Yes, we include the wall mount in all our installations.


Can it be floor mounted?

Yes, however it needs to meet certain requirements such as being on a concrete pad, which may impact installation costs.


Will I be without power during the install?

Yes. In order to connect your battery, there may be short periods when the electricity needs to be switched.


How much space do I need for the battery installation?

Roughly speaking, you will need an area of approximately 1.8m by 1.8m for the installation itself.

For installations on walls with certain materials (e.g. weather board) a non-combustible material such as cement sheeting or Colourbond may need to be installed between the battery and the wall, in order to meet new strict Australian Standards.


How much space do I need for two units?

With a horizontal installation (batteries side-by-side) the system would need an additional 750mm wide installation area.


I don’t want my battery co-located with my solar inverter is that a problem?

No problem, you can decide where it goes. Remember though that  it might have an impact on the cost of the installation if the cables have to run further or there are any other complications. The new Hybrid Inverter will be connected to your switchboard, so the closer to the switchboard you are, the better.

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