Does DC Power Co install my solar and battery system?

No. DC Power Co’s network of local installers will install your system – we rely on experienced professionals in local areas to do this for us. We will help you find the right system at the right price, and then coordinate the installation with you. While we won’t be the ones installing your system, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Will my installer be CEC accredited?

Absolutely. To be part of our installer network installers must be CEC accredited as well as battery endorsed to be able to install your system.


Where will my system be installed?

Your solar panels will be installed on your roof, but it is up to you where you want the Redback Smart Hybrid System installed. There are standards which must be adhered to when considering where to place your battery (whether that be outside, wall mounted, or in your garage on the floor), and your installer will help you find the right spot.


Am I required to be home on the day of install?

Yes, we suggest that you are home while the installation occurs.


Will I be without power during the install?

Yes. In order to connect your new system, there may be short periods when the electricity needs to be switched off.


How much space will I need for the battery and the inverter?

The great thing about the Redback Smart Hybrid System is that is contained within an enclosure, which fits the inverter, cabling and up to 11.8 kWh of battery storage. You will only need an outdoor wall or garage wall with at least 1.7m width, for enough clearance.

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