How much is a lump of coal and why should I care?

Posted in DC Pro

Getting your head around what your CO2 emissions are can be difficult. To give you a sense of scale, we’ve equated the emissions you’ve saved by using your solar energy into lumps of coal.  

We haven’t used just any lump of coal, we’ve used the lump of coal Scott Morrison brought into Parliament in February 2017, which we estimate at around 400g (which is equal to around 1kWh of usable energy). We’ve assumed that it’s brown coal and will emit, when burnt, 350g of CO2 emissions.

1 lump of coal = 1kWh of usual energy (or 350g of CO2 emissions)

We’re hoping you get a real sense of your environmental impact with this measure and feel good about your solar investment. It’s not just saving you money, it’s reducing your impact on the planet. 

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