How is DC Power Co different?

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The energy industry has been the same for over a hundred years – power companies profit from selling customers electricity. Today, over 2 million of us have rooftop solar, which means we’re generating our own electricity. We no longer want to buy more electricity, we want to use less and save money.

That’s where DC Power Co comes in. We’re Australia’s first customer-owned company for people with solar, and people who want to get it. Unlike others, we have no vested interested in getting you to use electricity from the grid and no financial interest in selling you more.

Our monthly DC fee is not added to your usage rate, it’s called out on your bill. We believe in transparent pricing so you know exactly where your dollar is going.

This means you get cost price power for a flat $11 (GST inc.) fee every month. We offer a range of services for this fee including personalised advice to help you optimise your solar systems use less electricity, reduce your bills and save money.

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