How do I track my power usage?

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We have a few handy tools to help you see how much power you’re using and when you typically use the most. By understanding your usage, you’ll have the knowledge you need to use less and save more.


Daily usage

If you have a smart meter, your daily usage graph makes it easy to see any changes in your usage at a glance. If your usage spikes or falls dramatically you can then dig a little deeper to try to find out why.


In your desktop account — you’ll find your daily usage on your “Balance” page.

If you have more than one property you’ll see your properties’ daily usage graphs one below the other.

Read more on how to track usage if you have more than one property.


Using our mobile app — you can access your daily usage by tapping the icon that is furthest to the right at the top of your screen, or from the “Daily usage” heading in the menu.


Current usage

In your desktop account 

Above your daily usage graph we’ll tell you your current usage in kWh (kilowatt hours). If you have a smart meter, the current usage displayed will be based on your average usage over the preceding three days. If your meter isn’t smart, your current usage will be an estimate based on your last reading. So the more meter readings you enter, the more accurate your current usage information will be.

Using our mobile app 

In the mobile app your daily usage graph has an added feature. It displays the average cost (in dollars) per day, and the kWh of power you’ve used each day.


Insights graph

The mobile app also has an insights graph. The graph’s bars represent the monthly cost of your power. Access the insights graph from the “Insight” heading in the menu, or by tapping the middle icon in the top right of your screen.


Usage patterns

If you have a smart meter and feel like doing a bit of detective work, you can discover what times of day you use the most (and least) power, down to half hourly intervals.

This means you can have a think about what you normally do at peak times of the day and, if possible, make changes to be more energy and solar efficient.

You can access this tool from your desktop account. Unfortunately if you don’t have a smart meter you won’t have this tool in your account.


Activity tracker

The activity tracker lets you add notes to your daily usage graph so you can explain any spikes (or drops) in your power usage. You can use the activity tracker to explain past events or set it to keep track of a future time period.

You’ll find the activity tracker in the mobile app. Go to your daily usage graph and tap the stopwatch icon in the top left of your screen.

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