How did you estimate how much I consumed last year?

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To understand the savings your solar system has delivered, you need to know how much of your solar energy you have consumed within your home. 

To estimate this is quite complex, so we’ve used some pretty smart tools (and people) to do it.  We start with how much energy your solar system should have generated in total. 

To project this in kilowatt-hours (kWh), we do a calculation taking the amount of sun that fell on your area and your solar system size. We then remove the amount of energy you exported to the grid (sourced from your energy company) and then multiply the remainder by a usage rate. 

We do this because the solar energy you use at home is of equal value (in dollars) to the energy you buy from the grid. If you bought the energy, this value is called the usage rate. In most instances, your usage rate is around double or more what you get for your exported solar energy. 


What should I do with this information?

You guessed it, your solar energy is generally worth about double or more when you use it in your home. And, it’s going to become even more valuable as feed-in tariffs get lower and lower

What does this mean for you? You should try using as much of your solar energy at home as possible. Check out our tips to help you do this.

We’ve used regulated, recommended or average feed-in tariff and usage rates to calculate your savings. See more detailed information about this estimate on the DC Pro definitions page.

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