How did you estimate how far my solar savings could take me in an electric car?

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It’s hard to know exactly how much value your solar system is delivering, so we thought we’d give it to you in kilometres!

From looking at your monthly solar savings, we’ve worked out how much electricity you could buy for that amount and how far that would take you in an electric car.

The first step is to understand how much electricity you could buy with the amount of money your solar system saved you. We do this using the average energy price in Australia of $0.25 per kWh. So if your solar system saved you $100, you could buy 400kWh of electricity.  

Then we’ve looked at the typical efficiency of an electric car which is 18.75kWh per 100km. 

So, if your solar system is saving you $100 a month you’d be able to buy 400kWh of energy at 25 cents per kWh of electricity. This would take you around 2133kms in an electric car. 


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We’ve used regulated, recommended or average feed-in tariff and usage rates to calculate your savings and electric car kilometres. See more detailed information about this calculation on the DC Pro term definitions help page.

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