What is a grid approval?

When a solar system is installed, an existing solar system system is altered/changed or when a solar battery is added, the network company that maintains the electricity poles and wires in your local area needs to know. 

This is because it may affect the safety or performance of the local electricity grid. This application is called something different in different states but it’s a routine process that takes up to two weeks. 

We’ll submit your grid approval for you and in most cases we should be able to get the approval without any issues. However in some cases there may be details that we are unable to provide. When this is the case, we will let you know what your options are.


What happens if I don’t get grid approval?

If you don’t get grid approval, there may be steps that we or your installer can take to customise your installation to fulfill network requirements. This will need to be worked out for each installation depending on the feedback from the network. 

Generally speaking, if you have a 5kW or smaller solar system, we would expect your network approval to go through as long as your local network doesn’t have specific issues.


What happens if there are issues with my grid approval?

In many cases there shouldn’t be any issues with your grid approval, but if your distributor requests further information from you, we’ll let you know straight away so you can handle it directly.

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