What is a feed-in tariff?

Your battery has a set capacity. If you generate more solar power from your panels than is required to power your home or charge your battery, that electricity will be exported to the grid, and your electricity retailer will pay you a feed-in tariff per kWh you export.


Isn’t it better for my solar power to be used to charge my battery?

Yes, by using your solar power to charge your battery and not export it to the grid, it means you are being more economical with your use of power.


Do I need to do anything to make sure I get a feed-in tariff?

No, once your installation is complete, your installer will send the appropriate paperwork to your retailer/distributor. This will begin the process of having your electricity meter reconfigured, which allows it to register how much electricity you are exporting and ensure you are paid for it by your retailer.


Should I switch my energy retailer?

Because your power usage will change significantly, it is a good idea to consider what energy plan is right for you, and who provides that.


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