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Energy concessions, rebates and grants

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If you’re looking for more info on whether you can get a concession, rebate or grant towards your energy bill, you’ve come to the right place. On this page you’ll find details on all the available concessions that can be applied to your DC Power Co bill.

What are energy concessions, rebates and grants?
Energy concessions, rebates and grants are programs provided by state governments to assist people with their energy bills, typically in the form of credits or discounts.

How do I know if I can receive a concession, rebate or grant?
There are specific criteria set by the relevant state government that you must satisfy in order to receive a concession, rebate or grant. In most cases, it is a requirement that you hold a valid concession card. In some instances a state government issued seniors card can also qualify for assistance.

What are concession cards?
Concession cards are cards issued by the Commonwealth Government and state governments to Australian residents whose circumstances meet specific criteria and which entitle the holder to some benefit(s). There are a number of different types of concession cards available, including:

  • the Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA);
  • the Commonwealth Health Care Card issued by Centrelink; and
  • the DVA Gold Card.

Not all concession cards provide an entitlement to an energy concession, rebate and/or grant.

How do I apply a concession to my DC Power Co account?
If you’re a DC Power Co customer and wish to add concession details to your account or update your existing concession details, please fill out our concession details form, and we’ll be in touch. Complete the form here.

Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or email (see our contact details page).

Please note, certain concessions and rebates, such as the SA Energy Concession and the NSW Family Energy Rebate, need to be applied for directly through the relevant state government.

As part of registering your concession card details with us, you will need to confirm that your concession card details are accurate. We will also require your consent to validate the information that you have provided with the issuer of your concession card.

Concessions, rebates and grants will only apply to your primary place of residence. If you have multiple properties you will need to confirm your primary place of residence with us.

Concessions information by state
Find out more information about concessions in VIC, NSW, QLD or SA.

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