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Does that price include everything?

The price includes all the main components of the battery system as well as delivery to your door, however it doesn’t include installation costs and any extra items your installer might need such as cabling and conduits. 

You can expect the price of a standard installation to typically start from $1815 depending on your particular circumstances.


What’s not included in the price?

Installation and any extra components associated with the installation such as cables and conduits. 

Keep in mind that installations on brick / cement surfaces and shorter cable runs tend to be less expensive compared to weatherboard and longer cable runs for example, as additional materials will be required.


How much does a bigger battery cost (two units)?

You can add a second or third battery to your package which will only add around $200 to the cost of installation.


Why don’t I need a quote for my battery?

Here at DC Power Co, we want to keep your costs down and give you control over who installs your battery. That’s why we haven’t included installation in the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package and why the battery itself is a fixed price. You will need a quote for installation when you choose your installer. You can find out more about installation here.


How can I pay the deposit?

Please click through to pay the $250 deposit here.


How can I pay the balance?

Once your network approval has come through, we’ll send you an email with a link to pay for your battery. You can pay via direct debit or credit card.


Do you offer financing for the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package?

We’ve scanned the market for financing options and are pleased to have found a community based organisation, Community First Credit Union, who are able to offer green loans for solar and battery installations. Community First Credit Union (CFCU) is our preferred loan provider for a number of reasons, including their flexible application process (online or over the phone) and ability to provide you with an instant application decision. You can read more about Community First Credit Union’s financing options here.

There are other options for financing batteries, including adding your battery package to your home loan. Read more about other financing options here.


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