What’s the difference between the estimate and the final quote?

We ask you a couple of simple questions to help you get a clear understanding about what kind of system would be suited to you, so that we can present you with an estimate. If you are looking to proceed, you can then place down a $250 deposit and receive a full home assessment so that we can refine the estimate and provide you with a final quote.


Why is the final quote different to the estimate you provided?

It is important to recognise that because every home is unique, the price to install the same system at two different houses can vary. Our estimate shows the price of a system with a standard install, which assumes a single story home with a tin/colourbond roof and installation of the battery system on the side of your house. This allows you to get an idea of the cost upfront. Read more about your estimate.

Following a full home assessment, we provide you with a final quote so that you know exactly what you will need to pay.


Does the final quote include everything?

Your final quote will include everything you will be required to pay for to ensure that your system is installed correctly.


I was given an estimate for a system and I have already placed my deposit. Can I change the system size for my final quote?

Absolutely. We want your system to be right for you, so if you have some questions or want to make some changes, we can certainly assist with that. However, once you receive your final quote and agree to it, you will not be able to make any changes.


What payments will be required?

The cost of your installed solar and battery system will be broken down into three parts:

  1. A $250 deposit for your full home assessment. This will be taken off the final balance of your system if you choose to go ahead, and is refundable if you don’t.
  2. Once you accept your quote and your grid approval has been confirmed, you will be required to make a second payment to DC Power Co for the Redback Smart Hybrid System. Once paid, this ensures that we can have the system delivered to your installer, and your installer can go ahead a schedule a day to get your system installed.
  3. Your final payment will be due on the day of install and will go directly to your installer for the solar panels, other materials, and installation costs.


What payment methods can I use to pay the balance of my quote?

DC Power Co accepts both credit card and direct bank transfer for the balance of payment. However, paying by credit card attracts additional fees that you wouldn’t have to pay if you paid via bank transfer. The fee cost for domestic cards is 1.75% of your payment price, plus $0.30. For international cards it is 2.9% of the purchase price, plus $0.30. As these fees are also non-refundable, we suggest that you avoid them altogether and pay by bank transfer.

For your solar and installation final payment, which you provide directly to the installer, you must check with that installer. Each will have slightly different payment methods, but all take bank transfers and credit card.


Do you offer financing?

We’ve scanned the market for financing options and are pleased to have found a community based organisation, Community First Credit Union, who are able to offer green loans for solar and battery installations. Community First Credit Union (CFCU) is our preferred loan provider for a number of reasons, including their flexible application process (online or over the phone) and ability to provide you with an instant application decision. You can read more about Community First Credit Union’s financing options here.

There are other options for financing batteries, including adding your battery package to your home loan. Read more about other financing options here.

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