Connecting to a virtual power plant

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What is a virtual power plant?

VPP stands for virtual power plant, which is a broad term that refers to the ability to enrol the battery in a centrally controlled charge or discharge mechanism, where a central entity (like DC Power Co or the electricity network operator) can orchestrate the energy flows from systems as if they were one big battery. This is often for the benefit of the consumer or the network, or both.

Typically, the owner of the battery has full control of whether or not they wish to participate in a virtual power plant.

Is the Redback Smart Hybrid system virtual power plant ready?

Yes. The Redback system is ready to be enrolled in a virtual power plant, should you wish to do so.

Who do I call if I want to connect to a virtual power plant?

You can choose to join an existing virtual power plant through an electricity retailer if there’s one up and running in your area. Alternatively, we’re working on one ourselves here at DC Power Co and once we have it in place we’ll let all of our customers and investors know so you can join if you wish.

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