Can I sell my DC Power Co shares?

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As an investor in DC Power Co, you probably know that while the company is public it is also unlisted. This means that trading in DC Power Co shares is illiquid until such time that we list on an exchange like the ASX via an initial public offering. This mean our shares are not traded on a share trading platform.

There’s nothing to stop you selling your shares to someone else and transferring the shares to them. This process is known as an ‘off market transfer’. This means that you would need to find a buyer for the shares and agree on a price that you want to sell the shares for.

You would then need to download this Off Market Transfer form from our share registry company Link Market Services’ and submit that to them once complete. The form provides detailed instructions.

If you have found a buyer and need further details on how to complete the transfer then you can contact Link Market Services as per the details at the top of the form. Make sure you have your shareholder details (i.e. your security reference number etc) which can be found on your holding statement.


Why do my shares appear to have a $0 value in the share portal?


When you login to the Investor Centre on the Link Market Services you will see that the tradeable balance is shown as zero and that the ‘Total Value’ (AUD) is blank. This is because the DC Power Co shares are not traded on a public share trading platform.  If you wish to sell your shares the number of shares available to sell is the number shown in the Total Balance.

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