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Can I sell my DC Power Co shares?

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DC Power Co is a public unlisted company which means the shares cannot be traded on the stock exchange. However you can transfer your shares via our share registry, Link Market Services. This process is known as an ‘off market transfer’ and means that you would need to find a buyer for the shares and agree on a price that you want to sell the shares for.

To facilitate our shareholders who would like to buy or sell their DC Power Co shares, we’ve created the DC Power Co Investor Noticeboard. There, you can find other investors who would like to buy or sell their shares so you can connect and organise your transfer.

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Why do my shares appear to have a $0 value in the share portal?

When you login to the Investor Centre on the Link Market Services you will see that the tradeable balance is shown as zero and that the ‘Total Value’ (AUD) is blank. This is because the DC Power Co shares are not traded on a public share trading platform.  If you wish to sell your shares the number of shares available to sell is the number shown in the Total Balance.

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