Do I need to have wireless internet?

Yes. You need wireless internet at home. We also recommend that you check the strength of your wifi connection at the location where the system is likely going to be installed (typically outside on a wall).

You can do this by connecting to the wifi with your mobile, then seeing how many reception bars you have at that location. If you have less than half of the bars, there might be an issue.

The reason why this is considered poor connection is that it may drop out when you have more devices connected to the network. The best way to get around this is to either move your wifi router closer to the installation location, or get a wifi-repeater. These are really easy to install and typically cost less than $40. Visit your local electronics shop to find out more.


Will I get an app to check its working?

The MYRedback app puts the control in your hands. You can monitor the amount of electricity your solar panels are producing, the amount being exported back to the grid, and your household energy consumption. (MYRedback applies to Android 7 and above and iOS 12.1 and above.)

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