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What is a solar battery?

A battery stores excess solar energy from your solar system in a battery for use later in the day when the sun goes down and your solar system is no longer generating electricity.


How does a solar battery work?

Solar batteries store the electricity produced by your solar system to be used at any time of the day or night, whether the sun is shining or not.

When the sun’s up, your solar system will automatically charge your battery. When the sun goes down and your solar panels stop producing electricity, your battery will automatically kick in and start powering your home.

And if you use all the electricity stored in your battery, your home will automatically start pulling energy from the electricity grid. So there’s no need to worry, the lights won’t go out!


How do I know if a solar battery is right for me?

If you want to make the most of your solar system and consume more of the free electricity that it produces, then a solar battery is worth looking into. If you also value being less dependent on the electricity grid and having back-up electricity in the event of a blackout, then it makes even more sense.


Why should I get a battery at the same time as I get solar panels?

It is much more efficient financially to get both your solar panels and battery chosen and installed together.


What is blackout protection?

Blackout protection allows you to use the energy from your battery in the event of a blackout.


Does the Redback Smart Hybrid system come with blackout protection?

Yes, the Redback backup power feature allows near-instantaneous back-up power (10 milliseconds) to power lighting and key appliances in the event of a blackout. Enjoy peace of mind with an uninterrupted power supply, feel secure in your home and don’t lift a finger to do it – the changeover is automatic!


In the event of a blackout, will my solar panels continue to generate electricity for my home and also charge my battery?

Yes. Because of the way your panels and battery will be installed using a single inverter, your panels will continue to produce energy in the event of a blackout. This type of installation is known as DC-coupled.


Does the Redback Smart Hybrid system work with 3-phase electricity connections?

Some homes have higher energy needs. Perhaps your home is particularly large, you have elements like a pool or electric vehicle charging or you have a farm property. These properties are usually on three-phase power and there is a specific Redback system for them.

There’s a really easy way to check if you’re unsure: Locate your switchboard and look for the ‘Main switch’ (often labelled Main switch (grid supply) or Normal Supply Main Switch). If the switch looks like three switches combined into one and is wider than 3 cm, you have three phase power. If it’s slim, you have single phase power.


Is the Redback Smart Hybrid system suitable for off-grid installations?

No, we don’t offer off-grid solar and battery solutions as these systems are very complex and require bespoke design by an off-grid system specialist. If you are looking for a battery system to be permanently off-grid, we would recommend looking for another system. We would also recommend contacting an accredited off-grid battery designer/installer for correct sizing and specification.

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