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What is DC Digest?

The DC Digest is a weekly insights email service. It is designed to help you save money by giving you better visibility of your energy usage and, if you have solar, your solar performance. 

We look at your weekly energy data and turn it into clear, concise information and insights that are easily digestible. So in one glance at the DC Digest, you can understand your energy data and have the knowledge you need to be able to save more.


How do you get my data?

When you sign up with a power company, you authorise them to access your energy data. Often this is mainly for billing purposes, but with us this is also so that we can give you the DC services.

If you have a smart meter, your energy data is sent to us remotely every day. This means we can see your energy usage and solar exports down to half hour intervals and turn this data into easy-to-understand information. Find out more about smart meters here


Do I get DC Digest?

All of our customers with a smart meter receive the DC Digest. If you don’t have a smart meter yet, we encourage you to get one so that you can take full advantage of our suite of DC services.


What if I don’t want to get the DC Digest?

No worries, you can manage your email preferences in the email itself. Alternatively, reply to the email and let us know.

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