About Tango Energy

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Who is Tango Energy?

We conducted an extensive search to find the right power company for these energy plans, one that we could work with to bring you great prices. But also a company that shares the values behind DC Power Co. 

Tango Energy is owned by Pacific Hydro, one of Australia’s leading renewable energy players. Tango launched in 2012 to meet Aussies’ demands for low cost, simple energy plans with a clean conscience. 

All Tango plans are simple, confusion-free and offer low prices backed by award-winning service from their Victorian-based customer service team.


Why has DC Power Co teamed up with Tango Energy?

DC Power Co chose to join forces with Tango Energy for several important reasons:

✔ Tango offer some of the best priced plans in the country

✔ They have a commitment to transparency and confusion-free plans 

✔ They have award-winning Australian call centres 

✔ They are owned by Pacific Hydro Australia, one of Australia’s leading renewable energy players

✔ They are a down-to-earth team with a shared vision for Australia’s renewable energy future

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