Your questions answered: Changes to gas rates

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Q: Why are my prices changing?

Wholesale gas supply costs are increasing and, in some areas, your distributor is also increasing their network charges. We don’t like doing this but because we are small, our ability to absorb these costs is limited.


Q: What are my new rates?

You can view your new rates in your online account by clicking on “Usage” and then on “Your new rates”.


Q: When are my rates changing?

You rates will be changing from 30 June 2019.


Q: Why do you sell gas?

Gas is a fact of life for about 80% of Victorians and we know that they want a better gas company. We believe we can do it in a fairer and more transparent way than many others while also providing options for you to move away from gas, if possible.

Also, many customers are telling us it’s more convenient to have gas and electricity with the same power company, so we’ve decided to offer both.

To be able to drive change in the industry, we need size and customers.  By providing both gas and electricity, we’ll be better placed to drive the change toward renewables moving forward.


Q: Is my gas carbon offset?

Sure is, all the electricity and gas that is purchased by our customers is 100% carbon neutral at no extra cost to them.


Q: What is carbon offset gas?

As a DC Power Co gas customer, you get 100% carbon offset gas because – like with electricity – we can’t control the gas that is supplied to your property. It all comes from a central gas network. Therefore, we believe offsetting 100% of the carbon  associated with our customers’ gas usage is the right thing to do.

When you have both your electricity and gas with us, your energy usage is 100% carbon offset. And the best part – you don’t pay any more for it.

So how does it work? Briefly, carbon certificates are purchased to cover all the carbon emissions generated by our customers’ energy usage (electricity and gas), so that all the carbon emissions are 100% carbon offset.

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