Getting grid approval for your new battery

When you get a solar battery, you need to inform the energy distributor in your area so they can manage the energy coming in and out of the grid (similar to when you installed your solar system).

While it’s called something different in each state, it’s a routine process that usually takes around two weeks depending on which distribution zone you’re in. In Queensland, it can take up to 65 business days.

In the unlikely event that the distributor has further questions about your application, we’ll let you know so you can handle it directly.

In the very unlikely event the distributor doesn’t approve your application we’ll refund your $100 deposit, no questions asked.


How does it work?

  1. We’ll send you an email with your $100 deposit receipt and a link to a few questions
  2. Once they’re answered, we submit your grid approval application
  3. We’ll let you know when your approval comes through
  4. You can have confidence pre-purchase that your battery can be safely installed!

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