How to make the most of your solar in winter

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How to make the most of your solar in winter - DC Power Co

It’s been a tough start to 2020 with the impacts of COVID-19 taking their toll on our health, our wellbeing and even on our energy bills.

If you’ve got solar panels, it’s likely your solar power could have covered your extra day-time energy needs recently. But with winter coming up, it’s easy to get a little gloomy about what’s to come.

Winter is approaching and sunshine is getting more scarce, so it’s inevitable that your solar system is going to start producing less electricity. It’s true that up to three times more solar energy can be generated in the summer peak than during the least productive periods in winter.

solar production over the year

The good news is that it’s still possible to squeeze a lot of value out of your solar in winter.

Instead of being annoyed by the inevitabile change in seasons, savvy solar households take steps to make sure their system is optimised. This can include a few different things.


See autumn as a good time for maintenance and cleaning.

Because sunlight is so much more precious, faults will have a bigger impact. So use the pre-winter months to do a system check, clean your panels and make sure there aren’t any branches or other material blocking the sunlight from your system.


Be more precise about how you use your solar.

In summer, it’s easier to see any part of the day as a great time to turn on the washing machine or pool pump. But in winter, those peak hours are much shorter. The DC Power Co app can help you find out exactly when that window of opportunity is each day, so you can get the most out of your winter sun.


Take advantage of your east and west facing solar panels.

While north-facing solar panels generally produce the most solar electricity, east and/or west facing panels will still generate plenty. This is particularly true in winter when the sun sits lower in the sky.


Get more from the cooler days.

Solar systems are actually more efficient in cooler conditions. The sunlight that falls on your panels in sub-25 degree temperatures is working harder for you than if it was hotter outside.


Let us help you get the most out of your solar this winter.

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