From ‘set and forget’ to ‘Oh my God’: Anne’s story

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Anne - DC Power Co customer

When Anne Walker took the plunge and installed solar panels five years ago, she joined the millions of Australians who, faced with complexity and a lack of support, take a ‘set and forget’ approach.

“I knew absolutely nothing about solar panels,” says Anne, 55, looking back. “I just thought you put them on, it just works and you save money. That’s all I knew.”

Unfortunately for Anne, the flaw in this approach became clear when the savings failed to materialise.

“I wasn’t really getting anything back,” says Anne, who lives in the central Victorian town of Maddingley with her husband and daughter.

But, despite being underwhelmed, the pay on time discount she was receiving from her energy provider made her reluctant to switch. “I was scared to change electricity companies because I thought my bill was really good at the time.”

Fast forward to today, and after joining DC Power Co, Anne couldn’t be happier. She saw the savings on her very first bill, which were much higher than her old pay-on-time discount. “I was just like ‘Wow’. I was like ‘Oh my God, I’ve never seen this before’. There’s not much difference in the rate I’m getting now compared to what I was getting before.”


“The difference is that now I have more knowledge to manage my solar energy to get maximum benefit.”


Anne says she was convinced to switch because of the way in which DC Power Co answered all her questions and offered a Savings Guarantee.

“They just gave me lots of information,” says Anne. “They helped me out and told me how I could use my solar panels more effectively.”

That information included practical tips about when to run appliances (during the day, when the sun’s shining), how often to clean her solar panels (at least every year) and simple advice on the complex topic of solar tariffs. There was also a commitment to let Anne know if her solar ever drops out.

Now Anne’s friends come to her for solar advice. She’s happy to help, and also direct people to DC Power Co.

“I think people are sick of hearing from me (about DC Power Co),” she laughs.

“I say, I’m not telling you you have to do it, just look into it. Because if you go to a (traditional) electricity company the only thing you are going to get from them is a pay-on-time discount and the tariff.

“But they aren’t telling you anything about how to use your solar system. So what’s the point of that?”

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