Five best solar batteries: The DC Review

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If you’re thinking about maximising your solar savings, your search for a solar battery could get very technical quite quickly. And many of the products may seem too expensive. But don’t be put off, there are several high quality batteries out there that won’t break the bank. 

Your first step is understanding what is right for you.  If you’re like most solar households, you’ll want a battery that you can use all year round, one that protects you from summer blackouts and one that doesn’t break the bank.


A review that’s based on real solar households

Taking the energy use of around 1500 households, we’ve done an analysis of over 20 products in the market to see which product would be the right fit for most people.

We took a deep dive into the five most popular batteries to see how they compared. They are:

  • Alpha ESS Storion 5x
  • LG Chem RESU LV 
  • Sonnen Eco 9.43 
  • Sungrow PowCube 
  • Tesla Powerwall 2. 


What are the key battery features to consider? 

It can be hard to know how to select the right solar battery for you, but it’s important to get the basics down.

The right size for you: You want a battery that you can make the most of all year round, in summer and winter. So, look at its storage capacity (or size).

Protection from blackouts: With blackouts now a reality for our hot Australian summers, you should make sure your solar battery has blackout protection so you can keep your power on.

Affordable price tag: Batteries don’t need to break the bank and you can find one that is a quality product but also well under $10,000 installed.


How do the solar batteries stack up on size?

A large battery, with a large amount of storage capacity, like a Tesla Powerwall 2 may seem like a good choice, but it could sit under-utilised for a lot of the year. 

From the analysis of the energy use of 1500 solar homes, we found that most people would benefit from a smaller battery, with less storage capacity, that they could build on over time. 

A smaller, modular system allows you to fit the battery to your lifestyle and make the most of it during summer and winter. It also reduces your future installation costs, if you choose to add a battery in future.


Do solar batteries come with blackout protection?

Not all solar batteries can keep your power on during a blackout. In a blackout you usually lose all power, which means no entertainment and you might be confronted with having to throw out food from your fridge.

With a solar battery that comes with blackout protection, you can keep some or all of your power on, so you can have security and comfort when everyone else is in the dark.


Are solar batteries affordable?

It’s the big question: how much does a solar battery package cost? The good news is, it doesn’t need to cost you tens of thousands of dollars. But, you should make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for a cheap price. 

Aim to get a package that has warranties of at least 10 years, so you can feel comfortable that your investment is protected. 


Introducing the DC Power Co Solar Battery Package

Here at DC Power Co, our services are built for solar homes. The DC Power Co Solar Battery Package has been designed to be the best choice for the majority of our energy customers. With quality products and great warranties, at less than $7000 it won’t break the bank.

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Don’t have solar panels yet? This review looks at solar batteries to add to existing solar system.

Our solar and battery package is designed for people adding solar and a battery at the same time. It combines world leading solar panels, an Australian-designed battery system and local, experienced installers. Find out more here. 


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