Personalised advice to help you save

Here at DC Power Co, we have no vested interest in selling you more electricity. Instead, we offer personalised advice on your electricity usage, solar exports and tariffs to help you save.

The DC Brief

The DC Brief is a free weekly* email that helps you manage your electricity usage, solar exports and spend.

In one quick email, you can see how much you spent on electricity last week and how much your solar saved you, so you’ll know what to expect come bill time.

We highlight any abnormal patterns in your electricity use or solar export from the week. For example, we’ll let you know if you exported more solar generation to the grid than usual, or if you spent more on power on a particular day.

We’ll also let you know what you could be doing to save more money. Did you know, running your washing machine and dishwasher during sunlight hours could save solar customers $50-60 per year for each appliance**, and using your air conditioner to pre-cool your home could save a well-insulated household up to $160 per year***.

*The DC Brief is available weekly to customers with smart meters. If you don’t have a smart meter, you’ll still receive the email but its frequency will depend on how often your meter is read. 

**Based on using these appliances during hours of solar production, calculated using 80% of the running costs of these appliances multiplied by DC Power Co’s rates.  

***Calculated by shifting 80% of summer air conditioner usage (for a split system) during evening hours to instead pre-cool your home during hours of solar production. Calculations based on DC Power Co rates. 


Our app and online portal

Our industry-leading app and online portal show your daily electricity usage, solar exports and forecast your upcoming bill*, all in one place.

You can access the app and portal anytime, from anywhere, to better understand your electricity usage and solar export.

If you have a smart meter, this information will automatically update in your app and portal every day. If you don’t have a smart meter, you’ll need to enter your own meter readings.

*To begin with, our forecast might look a bit high or a bit low. Don’t worry though, over time the forecast will get more accurate as we learn more about your usage habits.


Getting you on the right tariff structure

Tariffs are complicated and we don’t want to worry you with the details. All you need to know is that a lot of households are paying too much for electricity because they’re not on the right electricity tariff for them. In fact, some households could save as much as $200 per year just by being on a more suitable tariff.

When you switch power companies you default to the same tariff you were on with your previous provider, but we know that might not be the best option for you.

When you join DC Power Co, we’ll monitor how you use your electricity, and after around six months we’ll let you know if a different tariff could save you money. If a typical two person household with a 2.2kW solar system in New South Wales switched from a single rate tariff to a flexible tariff, they could save as much as $178 per year*.

We offer this service to customers with and without solar, because we’re committed to bringing down everyone’s bills.

*This saving was calculated using the interval data of a 2 person DC Power Co customer’s household with the DC Power Co rates for the network area. Note that tariff changes will not apply to all electricity networks. 


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