Energy efficiency in summer

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Summer is here and, as the temperature rises, often so do our power bills.

While solar and other technologies can help, there are plenty of things you can do around your house, for free or at a much lower cost, to reduce the amount of electricity you’re using and start bringing those power bills down!

Keeping cool this summer


Hold back on your air con.

Your house needs to be comfortable but it doesn’t need to be freezing! When using your air conditioner, aim to keep the temperature set between 25°C and 27°C. Every degree under 23°C uses at least 5% more energy and this increases your energy costs.1


☀ Bonus Solar Tip:

Leave your air conditioner running during the day while your solar is generating electricity. By the time you come home in the evening, your house will be nice and cool and you’ll be able to turn your air conditioner off to avoid paying those pesky peak energy rates.


Your cheap alternative: the fan.

A ceiling fan only costs around 1-2 cents an hour to run.² That’s much cheaper than your air conditioner! If the fan doesn’t cool your house enough on its own, turn your air conditioner on for a short time and then let your fan circulate the cool air.


Keep cool and insulate!

Make sure any draughts are plugged up and your house is well insulated. This will ensure the cool air from your air conditioner stays inside while the external hot air stays outside! By insulating your home, you could save around 65% on cooling costs.²


Throw a little shade.

You’ve probably thought to close your blinds in summer to keep the sun out, but have you thought about shading the exterior of your home? Retractable awnings and trees can stop the sun hitting your windows and the exterior of your house, which will reduce the amount of heat coming into your home.


Let in some fresh air!

Open your windows when the sun goes down, particularly if there’s a cool breeze blowing outside. By opening your windows you’ll naturally cross-ventilate your house to cool your home and let in some fresh air!



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