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Welcome to the new power couple: All accounts have now transitioned

We’re excited to confirm all of our customers’ energy accounts have now transitioned. You can now view your account through the Powershop portal and app. We know it’s a bit pink, but it’s the same rates, the same DC service and you can use the same login details you’ve always used with us.

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Help us shape the DC service

Now that your transition is complete, our goal is to deliver the best DC service we can for you.

To help us do that, we’d like to better understand exactly what you’d like to see, hear and receive from DC Power Co moving forward. So please could you spend just a couple of minutes answering a few quick questions?

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What happens next?

If you haven’t already, it’s time to update your payment details. Once you’ve transitioned, simply log in to your account on the Powershop website to provide your payment details before your next bill. If you pay by BPAY, you’ll also need to update your BPAY biller code to 207720.

The best of both worlds: the same DC service with power you can be proud of

The new power couple

Together, we’re working hard to provide you a better service, better prices and a better future for the planet.

The DC Power Co service

You’re still getting the same DC services you're used to like the DC Brief and panel and battery advice.

Powershop's carbon offset energy

All of the power you use in your home is 100% carbon offset at no extra cost. It’s power you can feel good about.

Why did my account transition?

These are uncertain times for individuals, communities and businesses alike. To help our small business get through the tough months ahead and set us up for the future, we’ve changed our relationship with our energy partner, Powershop. 

Powershop has always been our white label provider, which means they’ve always been selling and supplying the energy to you under our DC Power Co brand. However in order to streamline the way we work, cut costs and invest in the services that really make a difference to you, we’re moving to more of a partnership with Powershop. 

This means your energy account will now sit under the Powershop brand rather than DC Power Co. Your DC services like the DC Brief will still be coming from us, while your energy and bill will come from Powershop. 

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It’s the same DC service, we just won’t be the ones sending you the bill.

Your energy account has been transitioned from sitting under the DC Power Co brand to Powershop. Don’t worry, all that really means is that the branding and contact details have changed. So while your bill will be in the Powershop pink rather than the DC yellow, you’ll still get the same DC service you’ve always gotten, including your weekly DC Brief.

Apart from seeing a bit more pink, not much is changing…

Energy rates

Your rates will remain the same until at least 31 July 2020.

DC Power Co service

The same weekly DC Brief, advice on going solar and our latest offers.

App & portal functionality

Same functionality and account history, provided by Powershop, in their brand.

Your login details

Use your existing login details to login to the Powershop app and web portal.

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Energy supply

There will be no changes to your energy supply, still supplied by Powershop.

Call centre support

The same support on the end of the line, just on a different number.

Why Powershop?

When we launched DC Power Co, we made a decision to partner with an existing energy company as our ‘white label provider’. This meant they would provide us with things like billing and technology systems and access to electricity retail licenses. We made this decision as it was the most efficient way for us to launch into the energy market.

We chose Powershop as our white label provider because they, like us, work really hard to provide better prices, a fairer deal for all our customers, and a better future for the planet with 100% carbon offset energy. 

We’re with you every step of the way

Got any questions? We’re here to help make this transition as smooth as possible so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]