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DC Sunny Saver

Those of us who love solar power have been waiting for the right battery package to come along. One that’s efficient, high-quality and affordable. We’re excited to say that the wait is over! 

Introducing the DC Sunny Saver battery package – a reliable brand, quality products and an extended warranty, all for less than $6000.


About the DC Sunny Saver

The DC Sunny Saver includes a Sungrow battery with reliable Samsung battery cells, a Sungrow Hybrid Inverter with an extended 12-year warranty, and an app for in-home energy management. 

And for an extra $100, you can get the Emergency Blackout Box to protect yourself if the summer blackouts hit (if you’re an investor or customer, you’ll have a special deal in your inbox on the package).

The system’s modular design means you can design the package to fit you and it can grow with you and your family’s needs, simply by adding another battery at anytime.

It’s over $7800 of value for less than $6000. So what can the DC Sunny Saver do for you?


Maximise your solar savings

The harsh reality is energy prices are rising and solar feed-in tariffs are dropping. This means the best way to save with solar panels is to use as much solar energy at home as possible.

The DC Sunny Saver can boost the use of solar energy for an average home from around 25% to as high as 80% or more. It also allows you to use solar energy in the evening when your solar system has stopped generating electricity and you’d otherwise have to buy electricity from the grid.

So with a battery you can lock in your savings and protect yourself from rising energy prices. That means a lot more savings over time! 


Get the right sized solar battery for you

We researched over 20 solar batteries and analysed the energy use of about 1500 electricity customers. Our main finding was that bigger is not necessarily better (although big is usually more expensive). 

The goal is to get a solar battery that can be used all year round. The risk you run if you get a battery that’s too big is that you may not be able to fill it up in winter, because your solar system will generate less electricity at that time of year. 

That said, the great thing about the DC Sunny Saver is that if you decide you need a larger battery down the track (perhaps your family grows or you get an electric vehicle), you simply add another battery module to your system.


Protect yourself from blackouts

With the Emergency Blackout Box, your power will be back on within 5 seconds of a power outage.It uses the energy stored in your battery to keep up to two electrical circuits in your home connected. This could be your lights, your fridge or whatever appliances you most need during a blackout. 

So when everyone else in the neighbourhood loses power, you could have the lights on, the fridge running and the TV blaring. Beware though, your neighbours might come round looking for a cold drink and to unload their freezer!


Looking into solar batteries?

At DC Power Co, we don’t think solar batteries should break the bank. That’s why we’ve designed the affordable DC Sunny Saver. A reliable brand, quality products, and an extended warranty, all for under $6000.

Designed to fit you, the DC Sunny Saver’s modular design means it can grow with you and your family’s needs. You can also protect yourself from summer blackouts with the Emergency Blackout Box.


Find out more about the DC Sunny Saver battery package here

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