The next generation battery is here

Efficient. Cloud based. Affordable. Future proof your home with the DC Sunny Saver for just   $5850 

What's in the DC Sunny Saver battery package?

Sungrow 4.8kWh Battery

With safe and reliable Samsung battery cells

Sungrow 5kW Hybrid Inverter

An integrated energy management system

Remote monitoring & accessories

App for in-home energy management

Plus blackout protection, now free!

The Sungrow Emergency Blackout Box will keep your lights on and your drinks cold in case of summer blackouts, providing power within 5 seconds of an outage. Previously $100, now FREE while stocks last. That’s a total package of over $7800, for just $5850!

Solar Citizens pricing

View Blackout Box technical specs (Sungrow refer to it as a ‘backup box’).

Price excludes installation.

A package that can work with any existing solar system.

Free delivery

Free delivery

Delivery straight to your door! Included within the ticket price, so you don’t have to worry about additional delivery costs.

Extended warranty

Extended warranty

A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for your battery and 12 years on your inverter. That’s an extra 7-years warranty on the hybrid inverter compared to the standard 5 years!

A DC Power Co Icon of an installer, wearing a hardhat and a safety vest.

Choice over your installer

Have the power of choice with the DC Installer Guide. You’ll have all the information you need to select your own trusted, local installer.

Limited time only, 500 in stock

Secure your DC Sunny Saver with a $100 deposit today.

DC Sunny Saver extra battery is $3450

Don't know what size you need? No problem

The great thing about a modular battery system is that it can be designed to fit you, and can grow with you and your family’s future needs. Simply add up to two extra batteries to the package when you put down your $100 deposit, or try just one battery and see. You can add an extra battery at any time.

How many batteries do I need?

With DC Sunny Saver, you'll have something to brag about this summer

Bill savings

Maximise your savings all year round

Squeeze every last drop from your solar panels with DC Sunny Saver. You can shift from around 25% self-sufficiency to 80% or more. That’s more money in your pocket.

A DC Power Co icon of a house, with a power plug. Outside is a moon, with a black background.

Protect yourself from this summer's blackouts

Make sure your drinks are always cold and the TV is on this summer with blackout protection (RRP $360), now free while stocks last.

Piggy bank savings

Get a quality battery package without breaking the bank

Developed from detailed analysis of the energy use of over 1500 of our solar customers. This is a battery package that just  makes sense.

Simple, from deposit to installation

1 (1)

Secure your order with a $100 deposit online today. Make my deposit now.

If you have any questions, go to our Help section.

2 (1)

We submit your routine grid approval application. Our grid approval support service

3 (1)

You choose a local installer using our guide and get a quote. More about installation

4 (1)

Complete your payment online, once grid approval is received. View Terms of Sale

5 (1)

We deliver your battery package on a day that suits you, free of charge. More about delivery

6 (1)

Your installer installs your battery, your bills start falling and you’re more self sufficient!

Limited time only, while stocks last

Just a $100 deposit today and you’ll secure your DC Sunny Saver this summer.

Safe and reliable solar energy, when you need it.

Battery Icon - DC Power Co

Leading Samsung battery cells

App for energy management

An app for in-home energy management

Wifi home

Future-proofed and virtual power plant ready

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