Solar and battery sales continuing as normal.

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Get the full solar picture

Your solar export is only half the picture. With DC Pro, you'll know the value of the solar energy you used in your home and how you compare to others.

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Alerts when your system is down

You’ll know when your solar system hasn’t exported energy and what to do about it with this personalised solar alert.

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Know when a battery is right

We’ll assess your situation and tell you how much a solar battery could save you on your bill. We'll also let you know about great battery deals.

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How it works

  1. Grab a copy of your electricity bill.
  2. Take 5 minutes to subscribe and provide some details.
  3. We’ll contact your energy company to get some info.
  4. Cutting-edge analytics algorithms get to work.
  5. DC Pro uncovers value for you every month.

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